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Cricket In the USA vs American Football in India

Cricket pitches in America is a fun map to do because I guess it mirrors the density of South Asian heritage Americans quite nicely. I figured for fun I’d do the inverse and map baseball pitches in India, but the quality of the data was wildly unreliable: there were very few pitches tagged and eyeballing them on satellite imagery showed most of them looked actually like cricket pitches (they were oval, no clear diamonds, one was actually right in the middle of a pretty polluted looking fertilizer factory, etc) However the few placed tagged as American Football pitches looked slightly more like they could actually be one, so I figured I’d go for that. I have no idea why Kerala – and specifically Kochi – has so many American football pitches tagged compared to the rest of the country.

The USAs OSM data is also far from perfect. Too many states in America don’t have anything showing up as a cricket pitch, when a cursory web search shows (e.g. Idaho cricket club) show there to be a vibrant scene with actual purpose built pitches. I’ve added “update OSM with all USA Cricket pitches” to my list of “Things to do if I ever get quarantined”

Here’s a link to the jupyter notebook used to make the maps

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