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Cricket could probably do with fewer statistics. A cricketing scoreboard is a gigantic mess of numbers and tables, and even the famously beautiful Adelaide Oval scoreboard is completely impenetrable to the outsider.

Sadly this will be the last time Michael Carberry’s name appears in an article of greatest test batsmen

While simplifying the plethora of numbers that come with a cricket match is a sensible goal, this blog post is going to do the opposite. Sorry. Instead of making this game more accessible we’re going to add a few more numbers.

Cricketing batsmen are usually compared by their Average, the number of runs scored per dismissal. By this metric Donald Bradman is the best batsman to have ever lived. However in science it’s poor form to express an average without a confidence interval, so I’ve calculated the standard deviation for the the top 200 highest scoring batsmen of all time and ranked them.

It was too much effort to plot such a large amount of data on WordPress in a visually satisfying way so I’ve hosted the data over on github. However github was tricky to set comments up for so come on over back to here to argue it out.

Click here to view the numbers.

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